50 Condom Super Sampler Pack
50 Condom Special Sampler
The Hottest Condom Variety Samples Online, For only $17.50!
That's only 35 cents a condom.

If you are looking for a great way to sample some condoms, try this condom sampler. You will get 100 great brand
name condoms. All have their own unique style. Some snugger fit, some colors some textured and some that are
super thin.

Samplers include a variety of depending on availability:
Lifestyle Ultra Thin
Reality Lubricated
Pale Rider
Durex Rainbow
Trustex Extra Strength
Durex Enhanced Pleasure
Lifestyle Asst Colors
Durex Intense Sensation
Durex High Sensation
Caution Wear Asst
Lifestyle Ribbed
Lifestyle Ultra Lubed
Lifestyle Extra Strength
Beyond Seven
Fantasy Asst Colors Lubed
Rough Rider Luscious Flavors
Fantasy Lubed
Trustex Asst. Colors Lube
Trustex Lubricated
Reality Super Thin
Personal Lubricant

We Reserve The Right To Substitute Depending On Availability.

Manufacturer : Condom Assortment
Product ID: 50Asst.Con

Retails For $34.99
Our Price $17.50
LIXX® DENTAL DAMS -15 Assorted Flavors Pack
Lixxs Dental Dams
15 AssortedFlavors Including Mint, Strawberry, Banana, Grape & Vanilla
LIXX Dental Dams are from the makers of Trustex brand condoms and are offered here in four lightly
scented flavors. A dental dam is a small sheet of latex originally developed for the dental industry
and used in dental surgery. Dental dams are used to prevent the exchange of bodily fluids during
oral sex. They are becoming a popular safer sex tool and are now available in different colors,
shapes and flavors. Only use latex safe water based lubricants when using dental dams.
Each LIXX Dental Dam is roughly 7” x 6” in size.  

Manufacturer : Trustex
Product ID: Lixx5

Our Price $19.99
If used properly, latex condoms will help to reduce the risk of transmission of HIV infection (AIDS)
and many other sexually transmitted diseases.
This product combines a latex condom and a spermicidal lubricant. The spermicide, Nonoxynol-9,
reduces the number of active sperm, thereby decreasing the risk of pregnancy if erection is lost
before withdrawal and and some semen spills outside the condom. However, the extent of
decreased risk has not been established. This condom should not be used as a substitute for the
combined use of a vaginal spermicide and a condom.
See warnings and carefully follow instructions for use printed on inner side of carton.
Made From Premium Quality Latex - To help reduce the risk
Lubricated - For comfort and sensitivity
Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide - For extra protection against pregnancy
Special Reservoir End - For extra safety
Each Condom is Electronically Tested - To help ensure reliability
Active Ingredient:
Nonoxynol-9 (7%).
Some people are sensitive to Nonoxynl-9. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or storage for prolonged
periods at temperatures above 100° F.

Manufacturer : Trojan
Product ID: TroENZ 100

Retails For $62.99
Our Price $44.99
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Trojan Sensitivity 10 Pack
Trojan Brand Sensitivity 10 Pack Condoms Variety pack containing: Trojan Ultra Thin Condoms, Trojan
Thintensity Condoms, Trojan Her Pleasure Ecstasy Condoms and Trojan Ultra Thin 2 Go Condoms. Trojan
Ultra Thin Condoms are over 25% thinner than standard sondoms. Designed for a more natural feeling,
comfort fit. Slightly longer and slightly larger at the closed end. UltraSmooth Premium Lubricant for comfort and
sensitivity. Low latex odor. Trojan Thintensity Condoms are over 25% thinner than standard condoms.
Designed for a more natural feeling. Comfort fit. Slightly longer and slightly larger at the closed end
UltraSmooth Premium Lubricant for comfort and sensitivity. Low latex odor. Trojan Her Pleasure Ecstasy
Condoms comfort shape allows freedom of movement for a more natural experience. Textured for female
stimulation. Tapered at the base for a secure fit. UltraSmooth Premium Lubricant inside and out for a more
natural feel. Trojan Ultra Thin 2 Go Condoms are designed for a more natural feeling. Lubricated for comfort
and sensitivity. Made from premium quality latex to help reduce the risk. Each condom is electronically tested to
help ensure reliability. For contraception plus STI's prevention. Trojan Assorted Latex Condoms.

Manufacturer : Trojan Sensitivity
Product ID: t95297

Our Price $12.99
JimmyJane Essentials Kit - 5 Kits
Jimmy Jane Essentials Kit get lucky condoms, personal lubricant and mints. Pocket Pleasure Set contains all
the necessities for any spontaneous rendezvous. This convenient, compact kit provides all the necessities for
any rendezvous. We have included two condoms, water-based lubricant and a pair of mints for you to share. Add
Essentials to your repertoire or handbag, glove compartment, back pocket, or carry-on and expect the
unexpected. Two latex condoms. Safety First. Water based lubricant Friction is overrated. Mints fresh, tingly and
sugar-free. Travel Case 5.5 inches by 2.25 inches by .5 inch.
Each Kit contains: 2 condoms, Lubricant, Pair of Mints, and Travel Case

Manufacturer : Jimmy Jane
Product ID: ji11153

Our Price $31.99
Trojan Midnight Collection
The Trojan Midnight Collection contains:
1- Trojan Duo Vibrating Ring: With 2 seperate motors, you get twice the amount of vibrations! These separate
motors stimulate both partners simultaneously, for sensations you can both share. Each motor can last up to
30 minutes and each can individually be turned on and off in an easy fashion.

4- Trojan Pure Ecstasy Condoms: Shaped like a light bulb, with male comfort in mind, this latex condom has
ample head room with no reservoir tip. It also textured ribs on the shaft for added enjoyment and ecstasy. Pure
Ecstasy condoms are coated inside and out with a premium Ultrasmooth lubricant.

4- Trojan Arouses & Intensifies Lubricant Packets: This condom safe lubricant is designed for a tingling and
exceptionally slick effect. Perfect for use during foreplay, including clitoral stimulation, and for intensifying
sensations during intercourse. This arousing lubricant is long lasting and non-sticky.

Trojan Arouses & Intensifies Lubricant ingredients:
Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Vanillyl Butyl Ether, Menthol

Manufacturer : Trojan
Product ID: t64210

Our Price $16.99
Trojan Platinum 26 Pack
JTrojan Platinum Pack Condoms - Condom Value Pack. This premium collection of innovative
condoms offers an exceptional variety of sensations for the ultimate pleasure experience!
4 -Bareskin
8 -Stimulations Ribbed Ecstasy
8 -Fire & Ice
6 -Her Pleasure Ecstasy

Warning: The Fire & Ice product contains nonoxynol-9, which can irritate the vaginal or anal lining.
As such, these condoms are only recommended for use once a day or less if possible.

Manufacturer : Trojan
Product ID: TRO9-99852

Our Price $19.99